Who the F**k is Alice?

Alice has often been called a smart-ass. She prefers to go by smart, though.

Alice lives in the sunniest city in Scotland.

Alice is a writer and enjoys three things in life: sitting on the couch with her beloved laptop, reading, and going to places she’s never been before.

Spending ridiculous amounts of time procrastinating and criticising everything that moves (or not, for that matter) are things that fill most of her days.

Alice has started three blogs before and abandoned them all because of said procrastination.

Alice has a penchant for gadgets and she’d like to own one of everything, even though she doesn’t need them because all she does is sit on the couch with her beloved laptop.

Alice has managed to live on a couch for almost 30 years and not gain 100 pounds. She still has problems buying alcohol without a valid ID. While you couldn’t tell this looking at her figure, Alice likes to eat. A lot.

In flagrant contrast with the above, Alice is obsessed with her hair and the colour of her nails. When she is really bored from all that procrastination, she tries a new hair colour.

Alice has been listening to the same music for about 15 years. She looks at a top UK chart and determines she hasn’t heard of 90 per cent of the names.

Again in contrast with the above, Alice knows what’s what with movies and TV shows. A constant fear of her is that she won’t have an episode to watch with her next meal.

To clarify the above, Alice likes to eat while watching episodes from whatever show she’s following at the moment.

For the third time in contrast with all the above, Alice does not live alone. She is married and not interested in you unless you’re Julius Caesar.

3 thoughts on “Who the F**k is Alice?

    • Hi Pete, yes, that’d be Dundee. It’s not sunny in the Mediterranean sense, we just get more sunlight than other less fortunate places in Scotland. Best, Alice


  1. From 1979 until 1985, I had relatives by marriage who lived in Broughty Ferry The widow still lives there, in King Street.. They were not Dundonians, but Londoners, who had moved there to work in the University. So, I knew it fairly well back then, but imagine it has changed a lot.
    My favourite thing was a Scotch Pie from the baker, though it was doubtless unhealthy.
    Enjoy the sun on the Tay. Pete.


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