Confessions of a Museum Junkie

museum signMy name is Alice and I’m a museum junkie. This is exactly what you could expect from someone in love with all things classic, but in the past years, I’ve taken my obsession to the next level. My husband and I have a list with all the museums we visited since 2008, the first thing I do after booking plane tickets is check whether the city I’m about to visit has a museum pass, and all our trips revolve around museum opening hours. Currently, our list includes about 100 museums and we don’t intend to stop at that.

Most of the museums on the list are art and history ones, but I also enjoy the odd thematic museum. While I do love museums where you can see a bit of everything, I loathe those that are so badly planned that you find yourself wondering how many rooms you may have missed after going around in circles. My all-time favorite big museum is Prado, which is so exquisite in terms of both art pieces and administration that I find myself sighing when I think about it. At the bottom of the list of big museums is Louvre. I’ve already written about that here. Even though I obviously have favourites, I am yet to find a museum that doesn’t have anything interesting at all. If it says museum on the tin, enter, because the chances to regret it are minimum.

I don’t particularly like it when a museum doesn’t allow pictures, not because I want to get photos of the artwork, but because I always want a snap or two from the interior to remember it. When you have seen dozens of museums in a short timespan, you start to forget what the inside looked like. It seems that it all fades back in a corner of the brain, so I want to remember the feeling I had in each of the museums.

And because I like lists and tops as much as the next museum junkie, here’s my top 10 list of museums I would visit again in a snap.


Prado Museum, Madrid

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Davids Samling/The David Collection, Copenhagen

Museum Ludwig, Cologne

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid

Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History, Brussels

Museo del Novecento, Milan

Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo

Museum Kunstpalast, Dusseldorf





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