Luini’s Panzerotti in Milan

Being on a diet has a strange effect on me. I only seem to be thinking about food, which is normal, but instead of fantasizing of things to eat that could be very well be reachable, I am drooling over the memories of some of the best things I ever ate in my trips. Luini’s panzerotti get the top prize, as I could trade my first born for one now, if I had a first born, that is. Here’s the thing in question:

luini milano

This has to be one of the best street foods I have ever tasted. Luini’s is a family-run pasticceria tucked on a street behind the Dome in Milan. They say they’ve been producing their delicious treats since 1888, which is a blessing for the modern tourist, as it surely takes decades to improve recipes to this extent. We generally try different things to eat when going on a trip, but this time we kept coming back to Luini’s every day. Yes, it’s that good. Not to mention relatively cheap.

Alice Falls in Love With a Canolo Siciliano

This was the first thing I bought from Luini’s and it’ll forever have a special place in my heart. Slightly kidding, but only slightly. The thing is a delicious canolo filled with a sweet ricotta cream. They throw some orange peel in the mixture too, which tastes amazing. I’m drooling as I write, to be honest. Here it is, it’s a miracle we took a snap before devouring it.

luini milano canolo siciliano


Other things I ate in Milan and would like to have in front of me right now: gelato, calzone, some deep dish pizza with prosciutto and waves of hot mozzarella sticking on my fingers, and more gelato. The best pistachio gelato known to man. I think I might just go a bit crazy right now, a sign of which being pressing publish instead of preview. I need to stop obsessing about food and go make some tea. Which is just as good as said canolo, isn’t it?

Oh, and for a last blow, this is a snap of what Luini’s has on display, probably right now:

luini milan



One thought on “Luini’s Panzerotti in Milan

  1. I haven’t been to Milan, but circumstances permitting, I would be on a plane right now, just to devour that cake! And Pistachio is my favourite flavour of ice cream, but as it is really only any good in Italy, there seems little point in buying it in Norfolk.
    Tasty stuff Alice…
    Best wishes, Pete.


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