August Weather Report for Scotland

keep calm Scottish weatherIt’s summer. The birds should be chirping, the sun should be shining, and I’d very much like to drink a peach iced tea basking in the glorious afternoon light. I suppose the entire planet gets to do this in August, except for a couple of places known as the North Pole, Iceland, and Scotland.  For the past two weeks, I’ve been freezing in my flat with a couple of clothing layers on me, up to the point where I felt compelled to turn on the heaters. In freaking August. What amuses me even more is that I look outside the window and it’s quite sunny, even though there’s 11 degrees outside. Hopefully the global warming will do Scotland some good, cause it really needs a bit of change in this respect.



3 thoughts on “August Weather Report for Scotland

  1. If it is any consolation, much further south here in Norfolk, we had 13 degrees yesterday, with torrential rain. Can’t complain really, as we did have a summer. It was two weeks at the end of July!
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. In London we had three weeks of summer or so. I the first week I didn’t quite believe it was summer so I kept my shoes and my cardigan. In the second I took of my cardigan. When I finally decided to wear sandals, summer was gone. Well…By the way, coming from Romania where summers are long and hot, my expectations are really high. Londoners claim it’s nice and warm outside. I disagree. It feels like autumn. Romanian autumn.


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