Stuffed Peppers with Mince and Onion

From time to time I decide that I’ve had enough of my cooking routine and get up from the couch to try a new recipe. For the past two years I have been trying, with very good chances of succeeding, to have something home-cooked for every dinner.  The problem with this is I don’t always have the inspiration to come up with something  exciting and end up cooking the same 10 recipes for months. And then there are days like today, when I can actually be bothered to put an end to the routine. Stuffed peppers it is, then.

In search of the lost family-size pack of peppers

Cooking something new means I have to get out of the house to get the stuff I need. Today this transformed in a 2-hour unexpected trip, just because the lovely people from M&S forgot to stock up their posh shelves with peppers in family-size packs. For a second i contemplated the possibility to buy individual peppers, but paying for vegetables their value in gold is not something I do often. At 80p a piece, this is one of those decisions that don’t take too long. With a heavy heart, I left the store and headed off to Tesco’s. Going from one store to another is less than 10 minutes by foot, but this seems like a lot for someone who suffers from chronic laziness. Anyway, got to Tesco’s, and surprise. They didn’t have family-size packs of peppers either. At that time, stuffed peppers had become my only purpose in life. Going to another store was out of the question, so I decided that mini stuffed peppers would do. Grabbed two packs, dashed around the store for the rest of the ingredients, bought a bottle of cider to make it worth, and went home with the prey.

This was the prey.

stuffed peppers

This was the end result.

IMAG1111Quite tasty, I might add, even though they could use a pinch more salt. I didn’t use any oil, but they still turned out excellent. The only problem was that with such tiny peppers it took me half an hour to stuff them all, so maybe next time I’ll go for the larger kind.



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